All-In-One AOI Machine

GETECH software-hardware all-in-one AOI machine

Optical Imaging System丨 Optical Imaging System 丨 Motion Control System

Paint Points

1、Bottleneck of Efficiency

Manufacturing technologies update so fast that the traditional manual visual inspection cannot meet the high demand on efficiency from large-scale industrial production, efficiency improvement urgently needed

2、Bottleneck of Accuracy

Standardized productions demand higher testing accuracy, precision and consistency which cannot be realized by traditional manual visual inspection

3、High Labor Costs

Difficulty in deploying and recruiting employees, high labor costs, reduced profitability

4、Inconsistent Detection Qualities

The quality of manual visual inspection, depending on experience and personal conditions, is difficulty to control.

Core Strength

  • Advanced Algorithm Technologies
    The digital image processing technology developed by GETECH, through integrating deep learning and machine learning algorithms, achieved far better detection rate and overkill rate than the traditional AOI.
  • Flexible Design of Optical Systems
    The optical imaging technology developed by GETECH can be deployed flexibly depending on business scenarios and can meet demands of imagine acquisition in different conditions.
  • Mature Software Architectures
    Mature software system architecture and modularized inspection functions can be summoned flexibly according to inspection tasks. The operation is simple and convenient.
  • Fast Model-Building Technologies
    One-click import of product information, automated modeling, modeling time for new products significantly reduced

Application Scenarios

SMT Workshop for Light Bar Production

Inspection of solder paste coating after PCB solder paste printing of light bar modules

Measurement of Assembly Accuracy

Intermediate cellphone modules in the assembly of polarizers and TP&CELL manufacturing processes


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Mobile Phone Assembly Industry

Client’s Industry: Mobile Phone Assembly Industry

Automated inspection of changing positions, one-click induction of mature products, new programs for new product generated in less than 10 min;
Measurement accuracy of 0.001mm, measurement engineering capability Ppk=2.67(6σ);
Operation efficiency up by 70% compared to traditional quadratic element measuring instrument,
satisfy demands from production line body sampling inspection and from lamination accuracy inspection during machine transfer

Functional Modules

The motion control platform, equipped with servo motor and high precision ball screw, operates smoothly at a high speed, while avoiding vibration and noise. Its repeat movement accuracy can reach 1um.

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