Automated Packing and Palletizing Systems

provide PPK stacking and palletizing solutions

Conveyor Systems丨 Palletizing Systems 丨 Strap and Wrap Packing Systems丨 Automated Unwrapping Systems丨 Depalletizing Systems

Pain Points

1、High Labor Cost

Labor intensive and high working intensity, high labor cost

2、Error-Prone Process

Complex work process, manual work prone to errors, frequent customer complaints

3、Efficiency Bottleneck

Palletizing, strapping, wrapping manually require team coordination while low in efficiency

4、Damage and Loss

Manual handling likely to cause loss, damage and insecurity of goods

Core Strength

  • Extensive Project Experiences
    With rich experience in warehousing and logistics automation projects, GETECH offers mature automated packaging and palletizing solutions that suit all types of enterprises, helping to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.
  • Powerful System Integration Capabilities
    With rich experience in industrial Internet products and intelligent manufacturing, compared to traditional logistics automation manufacturers, GETECH can offer fully integrated, systematic solutions.
  • Advanced Software Platforms
    GETECH’s software platforms for production and manufacturing such as IOT, big data and AI, in addition to obtain logistics and palletizing automation, can further help enterprises to connect its data with manufacturing sites, achieving full-process digitalization from warehousing, logistics to production.

Application Scenarios

Integrated Intelligent Equipment Solutions

Customized and fully integrated solutions

Semiconductor Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

Intelligent solutions for highly automated factories

Electronics Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

Intelligent solutions for discrete manufacturing industry

Food Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

Intelligent solutions for food packaging and palletizing lines


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Manufacturing Factories

Client’s Industry: Manufacturing Factories

Outcomes: widely used in factories that have product packaging and packing facilities

Functional Modules

This is consisted of both logistics conveyor lines and RGVs. It receives fully packed boxed from upstream and conveys the well-stacked pallets to wrapping area.

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