GETECH APaaS Intelligent Empowerment Platform

Empowers industrial internet, Eevelops apps rapidly, Realizes digital transformation

Zero-Code Development Platforms 丨 Microservice App Development 丨 Microservice Components Library

Pain Points

1、Microservice Components Library

systems update fast, staff salaries increase, business capabilities hard to accumulate and be shared, cost reduction imminent

2、Low Development Efficiency

projects develop separately, duplicative work, high communication cost, long development cycle, efficiency urgently needed

3、Industrial Demands Difficult to Meet

supply-demand gap in IT industry, complex and ever-changing market environment, large amount of business innovations awaits verification

4、Pressure on Digitalization

unstoppable trend of digitalization, fast-changing cloud computing technology, break down digital silos, speed up digital transformation

Core Strength

  • Hybrid Development
    Unified application development platform, OT experts zero-code app development, OT engineers customize and develop complex logic through rapid code generation framework, IT/OT convergence
  • Knowledge Accumulation Through Microservice
    Complete microservice operation architecture and governance system, knowledge on industrial mechanisms, algorithms and models accumulated in “Microservice API”, unified business system formed by integration in cloud applications, digitally empowered enterprises
  • Platform Product Support
    Platform technology that can be integrated and deployed quickly; IoT, big data, AI, mobility, and more integration services that lower the threshold for application development, applying big data and AI to shop floor is within easy reach

Application Scenarios

Vertical Market--- Production

Production report/ Characteristic value management/Manual lookup

Vertical Market--- Quality

Quality sampling inspection of incoming materials/Quality traceability/Report lookup

Vertical Market--- Logistics

PFEP inquiry/arrival time window/information lookup

Vertical Market--- Procurement


General Business--- Sales

Data reporting/Lead tracking/Execution review

General Business--- R&D

Product approval/Experiment management/Progress tracking

General Business--- Human Resources

Staff management/Self-service staff induction/Attendance management

General Business--- Services

After-sale services/Travel management/ Spare parts


Provide a 5G communication manufacturer with modern, technological supply chain based on industrial internet platform+5G intelligent manufacturing

Client: China’s leading 5G manufacturer

Rapid construction of the middle office and applications based on integrated services and swift development features of APaaS; integrated operation of order production, procurement, warehousing and delivery; streamlined process from order placement , to logistics and to delivery; data collection from various industrial equipment based on 5G technology

Provide Huaxing with swift construction of business management systems, all-round and multi-perspective intelligent management, strengthened digitalization

Client: a world leading semiconductor panel display enterprise

Swift application development based on APaaS platform, breaking up system silos, prompt response to business demands, IT R&D cost reduction and efficiency increasement; quick construction of three management systems including IMS, EHM, EMS, all-round and multi-perspective intelligent management, strengthened digitalization

Functional Modules

The platform consists of form designers, light process centers, digital dashboards, and application templates. Users can create apps manually or through app store templates, and can add contents within the app including worksheets, dashboards, model pages which are to be linked with data and processes before publishing.

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