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GETECH Helps Top Lithium Battery Enterprises to Build Digital Energy Mgmt. Systems


The launch meeting for the digital EMS project has recently been successfully held, joined by GETECH and a top lithium battery enterprise. The project, basing on GETECH’s G-EMS platform, can help the enterprise to building its digital EMS, to focus on its most concerned problem of energy consumption and to ultimately build the zero-carbon factory that is the industrial benchmark.

As more policies on energy-saving and green-development are put forward both in China and abroad, the lithium battery industry is facing more stringent energy and carbon-emission mgmt. requirements. The top enterprises are hence embarking on energy mgmt. and carbon-reduction projects.

The digital EMS project launched this time is aiming to build an energy and carbon mgmt. system that meets the standards of the lighthouse factory, to systematically improve the energy utilization rate, and to meet ESG and industry compliance requirements both in China and abroad. Hence the energy mgmt. level of the enterprise is strengthened, its carbon mgmt. system established, and competitiveness improved.

As a national level “double-cross” industrial internet platform enterprise that originated from semiconductor manufacturing industry, GETECH, with its intelligent energy and carbon mgmt. solutions has stand the harsh tests of energy control from semiconductor high-end manufacturing enterprises. The solutions can be carried out efficiently even in factory environments that involve multiple energy media and hundreds of thousands of data points.

Based on these solutions, GETECH can customize for the enterprise’s upgrade. Considering the client’s long-term goals, GETECH helps the client to build up a unified energy and carbon mgmt. system with industrial excellence. According to the client’s own production demands, innovative and extensive energy and carbon mgmt. strategies are made, which not only support the client’s operation analysis and decision-making on the overall energy condition of the factory, but also help the client to build the intelligent factory and “lighthouse factory” in the future, making industrial benchmark.

In face of the increasing digital demands from the industry, GETECH, relying on its advanced intelligent manufacturing experience from the semiconductor industry and its sustainable energy team that specializes on lithium battery and PV industry, is the ideal strategic partner of intelligent manufacturing that can upgrade and empower the industry, and the partner that can help new energy enterprises to build their green and intelligent benchmark factories.

Currently GETECH’s business range covers the entire lithium battery industrial chain including lithium battery equipment, material, battery cell packs and new energy automobiles. Its lean consultants and lithium battery consultants can help to bring to the clients more customized services. For more information, please scan the following QR code.

Please scan the following QR code for more product information.

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