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GETECH Provides total CIM Solution to Global Sensor Technology (GST) to Build its State-of-the-Art Semiconductor Benchmark Factory

As the one of the national “little giants” SRDI (Specialized, Refined, Differentiated, Innovating) enterprises, GST is the first manufacturer in China which can produce semiconductor IC for the cooled and uncooled IR detectors. GST is speeding up its digitalization to build the state-of-the-art semiconductor production benchmark factory by launching the CIM project with GETECH.

As the pioneer of IR core component manufacturer, apart from its up/down stream wafer production lines, GST owns the entire process of cooled products from raw material purification and growth to wafer tape-out, manufacturing, packaging, and testing. Its products have high thermal sensitivity, good reliability, and all the performance indicators can meet the advanced international standards.

The project scale of GETECH’s CIM integrated solution, as a result, covers not only the uncooled MEMS chip manufacturing, wafer level/module/ceramic/metal packaging and testing, it also includes all the production lines and workshops for silicon ingot pulling, wafer substrate/epitaxy, chip components, cooled packaging, cryocoolers and cryocooler coupling tests, to meet GST’s demands in its rich production scenarios.

“In the CIM project, through the whole-process production control for GST’s cooled and uncooled products, the production data can be collected and processed in real-time accurately and effectively. Meanwhile the integration with systems such as ERP, WMS, PDM and OA makes the CIM an effective portal that shares data and lays out a good platform and data foundation for further developments such as equipment intelligent control, big data analysis and AI”

said Xiao Changbao, the Chief Architect and Semiconductor Software Development Manager of GETECH.

In terms of manufacturing automation, the CIM project of GETECH has helped GST to transfer from complete manual operation and data recording to whole-process production mgmt. by CIM. For example, before starting the equipment, the RMS can automatically test and control the equipment recipe to avoid failures caused by manual or system errors; the EAP can help to collect data by connecting production equipment with MES.

Through delicacy management of the whole production process on the system level, from production lines, workshops to the track in/out of every work step and every workstation of the tape-out process, the CIM built by GETECH can significantly improve the mgmt. level and efficiency of the entire semiconductor factory. Meanwhile, the paperless production process has not only greatly reduced the manual recording workload of the frontline workers, but it has also, by using less paper documents, reduced costs.

In terms of product quality, through SPC and QC systems, GETECH’s CIM project has realized the whole-process QC including raw material inspection, process inspection, incoming inspection and finished production outgoing inspection, and OCAP control. Moreover, the data middle office, through its calculation and analysis of the production data obtained from the whole production process, by presenting such info. as the order production status, equipment OEE, work order material consumption, work-in-progress product tracking on E-Kanban and statistical charts, makes the production process transparent.

Xu Lei, the Chief Advisor of GETECH’s semiconductor CIM points out:

“In general, through its production process control and error-proof mechanism, and the real-time production monitoring and responding of the QC system, the CIM will reduce the product reworking and scrap rate and improve the first-time yield rate. Meanwhile, by sharing info. between orders, production and warehouses, the delivery time can be shortened, loss and cost reduced, forming an improvement close loop.”

As the “double-cross” industrial platform that originates from semiconductor industry, GETECH has formed a semiconductor expert team of over 700 people, and team is enlarging. Apart from developing industrial software and system for such high-tech manufacturers as in the field of semiconductor, GETECH is also one of the few top-notch enterprises that can provide the full stack factory integration service which covers the digitalization of single/multiple factory sites from consultancy, solutions, implementation to the O&M. The semiconductor manufacturing system is built on the basis of the new perspective of “production-analysis-prediction”. The independently developed CIM, owing to its industrial leading core tech. strength and empowerment capabilities, is helping more and more industrial clients to build their semiconductor benchmark factories.

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